Dennik potrhlej americkej holky...

21. února 2010 v 21:26 | Valentin ♥♥♥ |  Daily Psychooo
...alebo moje pocity po zhliadnuti filmu valentin...

Ide o to, ze sa citim ako naivna americka tinedzerka, ked si pise do dvojho denicka bez zamky, a mysli si ze ho nikto necita, takze:

Dear Diary,

It was awesom and i love that movie so much. And Taylor Lautner is so hot, but he has a horible nose. I know it is stupid, by i love this kind of movies so much. They make me believe that there somewhere is real love for me. And i want to kick big heart with candies in it, because it sounds like lot of fun a like sweets so much. No matter, that i am a diabetic. After the movie, i was just hanging out over the shoping mall, but we didnt find nothing interesting and then my friends mother come to take us home, so it wasnt nothing special. I agree with my last idea about Valenitns day. It sucks. May the aloners will live forever. Ofcourse i dont mean it like i am aloner. I just like being single. It doesnt make you do some crazy things about relationship with anyone. But sometimes i want real relationship with everything it takes. Is it right, or am i little and stupid chicken? You are the onlyone, that listen to me, and didnt judge me for anything i do. I love you so much Diary. Sometimes it is like you are my only real friend.

Love you, Claire. ♥♥♥

Kedze sa vsak nedokazem vyjadrovat po anglicky dostatocne presne, neberte do prosim doslovne...

In the end, a cute little kitty for you all. Enjoy...

I should made something like that for ma school lessons. Sometimes you just wonna sleep, dont you?...

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Shine Shine | 1. března 2010 v 16:06 | Reagovat

akoze sorry :D:D:D PREKLAD?? :D

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